Donna Fleming Art & Sculpture

The Theory

The force is an energy field created by all living things, it surrounds us, it penetrates us, it binds the galaxy together.

The work explores the end of the long held 'human condition' predicament.
A gnosis: being aware of the two poles of our syzygistic nature. We are transcending thought and becoming consciousness, realising through scientific experiments that we can affect biological and electrical systems.
Consciousness that is no longer trapped in appearances, no longer a prisoner of fear and ignorance. Instead we are at a turning point of unlocking human potential.

The work shows the invisible energy which animates matter, the life force that connects everything in the universe. Forms that are foggy and shaky, not separate and contained, instead images that show evidence of matter being part of a system of energy. Form is a concentration of this energy, which reverberates out into what we think of as space. Forms are vibrations, interacting and affecting other energy forces.

"All organisms are in constant communication" Cleve Backster.

The world around us is not as solid and definite as we are lead to believe...
And by our thoughts and emotion we can affect the world around us......... from prison to paradise.


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